Developing secure software is challenging however it is essential for protecting data and business operations. New Relic recently hosted a Twitter Space with Harry Kimpel from Snyk and Frank Dornberger from movingimage to discuss the ways software engineers can create an attitude of security that will lead to reliable production-ready applications.

In the course of this discussion, we discovered eight tips for developers to create safer apps and to develop a security-minded mentality. These tips are based off of that conversation as well as additional research on how to make your company’s software as secure as you can.

Make sure that your employees are aware of how to find and close security gaps in their code. Through training, you can teach them safe coding techniques and how to guard themselves from common attacks, such as phishing. Set up regular, cross-functional discussions to introduce your team members to new threats and vulnerabilities. This will also provide your developers the opportunity to collaborate with different teams that are impacted by similar issues.

Set up a knowledge repository and a document of your company’s software security policies. This will give your employees an overview when writing code and will ensure that everyone knows what the rules are.

Think about the security implications how to get rid of avast signature in email of third-party libraries and components that you incorporate into your applications. If they’re not updated regularly hackers may be capable of exploiting security vulnerabilities. Utilize a tool to spot any vulnerabilities.

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