Secure data storage is a critical aspect of any enterprise IT strategy. It involves identifying, mitigating and keeping confidential or sensitive data available to those who need it.

The most crucial aspect of secure data storage is to ensure that the physical security is as high as it is possible to be to prevent unauthorized entry from external attackers or internal attackers. It is essential to implement access controls based on roles to limit the extent of access rights granted to an individual. It also involves using a system for recording the removal and re-entry of records to make sure that data is not deleted or obtained without authorization.

A strong password is an additional crucial aspect of secure data storage. Passwords should be hard to guess and should not be shared or stored open for inspection.

Immutable storage is a fantastic method of preventing bad actors from altering the data on disks, SSDs, and the cloud. This is achieved through a combination of the use of encryption as well as other security measures like traffic profiling or machine learning-based systems to prevent data loss.

Data storage systems are not guaranteed to be hacked. However, the objective is to make it so difficult to hack that the cost to hacker is more than the value of the compromised information. A comprehensive IT infrastructure to ensure secure data storage should include regular updates and patches to all operating systems site web and software, a robust security infrastructure for networks that blocks unauthorized users from accessing storage systems and redundant storage that protects against hardware failure or natural disasters.

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