Everyone gets the same number of hours each day, but some seem to have more success. The difference is in how effectively you utilize those hours. These time management strategies can assist you in working more efficiently, not harder.

1. Plan ahead.

You may not be able to anticipate everything that will happen, but you should still be prepared. Make a list of the tasks you must complete for each day, and note down any meetings or deadlines which could affect your schedule. Be as precise as you can when estimating how long each task will take. This will help you remain on track and feel productive.

2. Eliminate distractions.

Distractions can come from any variety of sources – social media, colleagues text messages telephone calls from personal phones, or even random thoughts – and they all can cause destruction on your productivity. Try to pinpoint the things that cause you to be distracted and find a strategy to handle them. Perhaps you can limit distractions by closing your door or turning your phone to silent. You might have to say no to your friends or change your date when you have an important assignment due.

3. Prioritize your tasks.

Every day, take a look at and prioritize each task according to importance and urgency. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the list of tasks. Ensure that the most important tasks are completed first.

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